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Tue Feb 28, 2023 3:39 pm Product News

Reorg’s Court Filings data is a leading resource for docket tracking and includes all chapter 11 filings dating back to 2015 with at least $10 million in liabilities, plus hundreds of adversary proceedings, district court dockets, pre-bankruptcy litigations and appellate cases.

Source: Reorg
  • Filings Type Filter: Reorg has developed a first-of-its-kind proprietary docket-entry classification system that uses data science to categorize nearly 100 types of pleadings both at a higher level (such as motions and orders) and at an underlying subject-matter level (such as backstop or exit financing) 
  • Judge Filter: Find pleadings heard by – and orders and opinions written by – federal district court and bankruptcy court judges. 
  • Jurisdiction Filter: Narrow your results to specific courts or collections of courts to find mandatory and persuasive authority for the standard of practice in those jurisdictions.
  • Law Firm Filter: Search across Court Filings to find pleadings authored by specific firms or group of firms to find examples of briefs or quickly access cases involving those firms.
  • Link to Intel: Look for the words “Reorg Intelligence” below a specific pleading to quickly access Reorg’s analysts’ summaries and analysis of that pleading and save valuable time. 

If you’d like to further explore Reorg’s Court filings data, request a trial today.

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