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Thu Jan 4, 2024 4:20 pm High Yield Bonds  Leveraged Finance

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Daily Rates and Online Businesses Support Growth in Global Gaming Companies in Third Quarter While Retail Decelerates, Leverage Declines Across Most Borrowers, Interest Coverage Holds up

Reorg is launching a quarterly global report focused on the gaming sector, highlighting key data points and developments relevant to high-yield and leveraged loan issuers. To see the report in a print-friendly format, click HERE. A relative value discussion will follow.

Despite subdued consumer confidence, the global sub-investment grade gaming market continues to demonstrate resilience, posting continued growth in the third quarter. However, a closer look reveals emerging signs of deceleration.

In Reorg’s Gaming Sector Review, our team of credit analysts delves into critical data points and industry developments tailored for high-yield and leveraged loan issuers. Our comprehensive report explores advancements in key sectors, covering U.S. and Asian casinosonline gamingsports bettinggaming technology, and the European gaming landscape.

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