Saving time with capital structures
Wed Jan 18, 2023 8:28 am Product News

When analyzing a credit, building a comprehensive and accurate capital structure can be one of the largest challenges when staying on top of complex, evolving situations like Carnival. Developed by Reorg’s financial analysts with industry professionals needs at the forefront, Reorg’s 3,200+ capitalization tables with 20,000 historical debt instruments are huge time-savers.

Our capital structures provide an excellent overview of a company’s debt structure and key terms. They cleanly lay out a credit’s principal debt amounts by tranche based on priority, and an up-to-date market value column with pricing feeds through daily for bonds and loans. Professionals can quickly see a company’s leverage and generate trading or pitching ideas based on Reorg’s expertly sourced data.

Reorg’s organization charts help you to identify the relevant entities of a company and highlight which of the entities are borrowers (or guarantors) of the company’s debt. By using Reorg’s organization charts and capital tables together, subscribers can obtain a detailed view of structural issues that affect debt instrument priority and inter-creditor relationships. 

To dive deeper into the latest financial analyses from Reorg, request a trial. And, to stay up-to-date on the latest in the high-yield and distressed debt market, listen to the podcast.

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